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Envisioning a community of transformation.

It is a phrase that starts our vision statement and it is the call Servant’s has been following since 1980. We believe that call is to move beyond the superficial and to share life together as a group of believers in ways that change us all. We believe that call is to join each other on a journey even when we aren’t sure where it is taking us. And we believe that call is to be a loving and serving community in a neighborhood so deeply loved by God that we can’t help but love it ourselves.

It is in that Westown neighborhood of Grand Rapids that Servant’s stands as a community where truly everyone is welcome to be transformed by a growing awareness of who God is and who God has created us to be. We come from many backgrounds, many situations, but in all our diversity we find ourselves woven together by one thread: Jesus, by all his words, by all his actions, by all the love of the cross, by all his victory over death.

As we follow Jesus we may not always know what God is calling us to do, but we are pretty sure of what kind of people God is calling us to be. People of hope, so compelled by the healing and justice, the grace and reconciliation of the gospel that we guide our lives by it. That is at the center of who we long to be as Servant’s Community Church, and we believe that everyone God calls into this community brings with them unique gifts and a unique role to play as we partner with that gospel work that God is doing in our midst.