Dear Servant’s Community Church,

Greetings.  On Sunday, September 12, we held a congregational meeting after church.  During this meeting, there were two presentations.  We are sending out the materials from those presentations so everyone is aware of what was shared.

  1. I presented information related to the transition process we are in, including affirming our mission, staff updates, starting of the Search Team and the consistory’s decision that our church is called to be open and affirming of all individuals regardless of sexual orientation.
  2. Pastor Mark provided a handout related to the agenda for the General Synod (a meeting of the Reformed Church of America), which will occur next month. Sara Melton will be attending the meeting on behalf of Servant’s and the North Grand Rapids Classis.

There was a lot of information shared on Sunday.  We are aware that the next several months will be filled with questions as we walk through the hiring of a new pastor and saying good-bye to Pastor Mark, Renia, and Michael.  The consistory plans to provide regular updates in the bulletin and on Sunday mornings.  We welcome you to reach out to talk, to ask questions, or to share how we can support you.

Blessings to you all!

Ann M. Heerde